We have listed here below the most asked questions of our clients. If you have a question that is not listed on this page, please contact us under the CONTACT page.

How to use the kit?

The directions on how to use the kit are indicated in the back of the packaging. You can also go to the page TEETH WHITENING KIT to find the detailed directions.

When can we see some results?

The results will appear throughout the use of the gel on a daily basis. We recommend you to do a full cycle until you have used all the gel contained in the three syringes.

How often should we use the teeth whitening gel ?

Vous pouvez utiliser le kit quotidiennement. L’application prend entre 20 à 30 minutes. Utiliser le kit jusqu’à l’obtention de la teinte souhaitée ou l’épuisement des gels.

Is it safe?

Our Smile Avenue gel is registered in the EU as per cosmetic regulation 2011/84/UE, which protect EU consumer. The gel is made in the US and is safe to use even for people having sensitive teeth. Our products are registered with the CPNP (Cosmetic Notification Portal).

Is it an issue if I have sensitive teeth? 

As explained previously, our gels are safe for people having sensitive teeth.

Is there any side effects?

There is no side effect linked to the use of the Smile Avenue teeth whitening gel as long as you respect the directions indicated on the kit.

How to order the Smile Avenue teeth whitening kit ?

You can either order it on the page TEETH WHITENING KIT or on Amazon.

Would the gel have an impact on crowns, fillings, etc ? 

No. On crowns and fillings, the teeth whitening gel does not have any effect.

How to use the coupon code ?

You can use the coupon that you received by email after signing up to our newsletter either on our website or on Amazon.

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