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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed below all the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have a question that is not listed, send us a message through our Contact page.

Your Smile Avenue Teeth Whitening Kit user manual contains full instructions on how to use the kit, including illustrations. You can also view the video on our product page.

Results will be visible during the continued use of the kit for 15 consecutive days. We recommend doing a daily whitening session until you have used all 3 syringes. You can consult your shade guide to track your results.

You should use it once a day. Each whitening session takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Use the kit until the you obtain the desired shade.

Our kit follows EU directive 2011/84/UE regarding teeth whitening in the European Union. Our gel is made in the US and helps you get whiter teeth effectively, safely and without pain from your gums and enamel. Our products are registered with the CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal). Our LED light is CE labelled and is in conformity with the EU legislation.

Our gel has been specifically designed to be safe for the gums and the teeth. You shouldn’t use any whitening product if you have signs of gum disease.

You can check out our product page by clicking here.

Our Gel Refills kit include 3 additional Smile Avenue Whitening Gel syringes, to resupply your Teeth Whitening Kit. Click here to get more refills today.

Yes, but veneers and fillings aren’t designed to be whitened and require special care from your dentist. This also includes crowns, caps, bridges and dentures. The Smile Avenue Whitening Kit works to remove surface stains from natural teeth.

For hygiene reasons we recommend keeping your Smile Avenue LED light and mouth tray all to yourself. You can of course share the gel refills.

You should receive your kit between 3 to 5 days after placing your order.

Shipping is free when ordering directly through our website.

Please send us an email or a direct message through our contact page or Facebook chat. Our team is happy to help with any questions you may have!