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The Smile Avenue Difference

Here are some Smile Avenue reviews and before and after teeth whitening photos that have been submitted to us.
A 5-star rating from 96% of reviews. 



I was very skeptical after the first two applications. But I finally started seeing results after 7 days! And after 14 days, it’s even more obvious!


Used for 2 weeks. Whitened teeth very well. Great product.


I received it today so I only had the opportunity to use it once. After one use it definitely seems like it got the coffee stains off my teeth. I’m waiting to see the results over time.


Loved it all, I have smoked for over 30 years. I really noticed a major difference during the first week of use ! Great product !


For the price, it’s probably worth it. It’s really cheaper than at the dentist and almost as effective.


I drink black coffee every morning and I am a smoker.. I thought that the product would not be enough to restore whiteness to my teeth.

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